Jennifer Dannenfelser, Founder


For over ten years, I taught elementary aged children in Montessori classrooms. I knew that each and every one of my students was learning, but it was clear that not all of them could show their knowledge or gain knowledge through the written word. I didn’t know the best way to help them and was determined to find a way.

These children were bright, eager learners. They clearly wanted to do what was asked, but were found frustrated and confused by their own difficulties. It was taking a toll on them. I needed to find a way to remove the barrier.

For some of these children, struggles extended beyond the printed word.Using the Montessori hands-on materials, I had developed a deep understanding of how children develop numeracy and learn math concepts. Still, some could not perform basic calculations. There is no one scientifically proven method for remediating math learning challenges, so I self-educated and researched best practices.

Then I started Mindguide Learning, LLC. I bought my own Montessori materials and use them alongside techniques I’ve learned for dyscalculia. I received training in Orton-Gillingham and learned a systematic, cumulative, auditory and kinesthetic way to help struggling readers. I remodeled my one-car garage. I offered my services as a private tutor to children in and out of Montessori schools all over Portland. 

I am a member of

International Dyslexia Association

 Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators