See how effective our tutoring has been for others!

Our tutor is incredibly talented and has been working with our son for over a year. She has a set of unique skills to not only work with children who may be struggling, but to meet the challenges they present and provide quality results. She is attentive to the child as a whole…socially, academically, mentally, etc. and is openly communicative with parents. I highly recommend Mindguide!



Our tutor has been tutoring our son in language. He’s usually slow to warm up to new people, but she has such a kind and open way about her that helped him put him at ease immediately. She has been great about challenging him and celebrating his successes. Jennifer is fantastic at what she does and truly cares about the children she works with.


I was so impressed to watch Bryan jump right in and add value from the start. He was able to create nurturing relationships with different children and to mirror their interests. He embodied the SMART mission of making reading a pleasurable experience for the children.
I look forward to see how he integrates the Orton-Gillingham techniques as he continues working with the under-served members of the community.



My daughter, like most children, was reluctant to the idea of tutoring in the summer. However, she quickly became willing to go as she found Jennifer to make her feel comfortable and at ease. And even better, my daughter discovered that math could be understandable and interesting. To my surprise, my daughter expressed interest in continuing tutoring! My daughter shared “Jennifer was good at making math easier for me . And I got how to do the math tables more than I usually do. She is awesome!



Jennifer has been working with our daughter for over a year. She has built a good bond with her and it has allowed them to make great progress over this time. I appreciate the Montessori knowledge so she can relate to how our daughter is learning in school.