Mindguide offers affordable math and language assessments that offer insight into your child’s knowledge base and abilities. Our assessments will give you grade levels and percentiles, but more importantly, they will uncover specific gaps that can lead to actionable learning plans. Our assessments do not lead to formal diagnoses of any kind.  

Mindguide Learning math assessments rely heavily on direct observation. They identify specific numeracy problems, rather than to diagnose a condition. Each assessment is a detailed investigation into what a student can do and how they think about numbers. It provides specific information about strengths and weaknesses in key areas of math development which can then be used to inform a teaching plan. Assessments can be done online. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about your child’s mathematical thinking. 

Our language assessments will show your child’s level of phonemic awareness, or the ability to hear, distinguish, and manipulate the sounds of our language. They uncover any gaps in a student’s understanding of phonetic rules and specific patterns of errors in reading. We assess reading speed, fluency, and spelling. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about your child’s language skills.

Math Assessment Demo Examples: